The Roadrunner Classic

The Roadrunner Motorscooter

What is an I-scooter? -- read this page.

Can it compare with Honda and Yamaha for a fraction of the price? -- very possibly.

Will it help to sweep across the US with a Motorscooter Revolution? -- that remains to be seen but it could certainly play a part.

The Roadrunner I-scooter came out in 2007 and has been well received. Made in Chine by Roadrunner USA, and designed specifically for online sales, all prep, testing, quality control is done in the factory by Roadrunner, an American company. The scooters are then supported by Roadrunner in English, and with extensive warrantys. They are not Vespas, but at on e fifth the price, they can claim a very respectable quality/price quotient.

Honda has been having its motors and other parts manufactured in China for many years. Using that same paradigm, there is every reason to think that Roadrunner scooters can come up to that level of quality.

All Roadrunners come with a scooter cover, disk lock, and remote alarm and starter. Larger models include also an mp3 player, and an oversized rear trunk. The pricing is extremely competitive, given the quality and features. Set up is very simple: battery, mirrors, gas, and go.

Thus far, only the 50cc Roadrunners are approved by the California Air Resources Board for sale in California, but the larger models may qualify soon.

Eagle Scooter 150cc
Eagle Scooter 150cc