Riding Motorscooters at Night

Night riding is probably more dangerous on a scooter than on any other vehicle. Visibility to other drivers is only a minor part of the problem and may be improved through lights and reflectors to be a relatively minor factor. On the other hand, road conditions pose a much more serious hazard to the motorscooterist than they do to bicyclists and motorcycle riders.


Road conditions are more of a concern to the scooter rider. Smaller scooters with smaller wheels are particularly vulnerable to road condition hazards (see motorscooters and potholes). This problem is compounded at night when road surface visibility is impared. A good long following distance is advisable in order that the scooterist has time to respond the the sudden appearance of a hole, or object in the roadway, but unless scooter headlights can illuminate the road well, even a wide following margin could easily be inadequate. Little wheels have their downside.

A Scooter is Independence and Freedom
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